Decorating offices as well as buildings with flowers has been a significant part of the corporate culture and companies. Flowers possess the ability of creating a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. Despite the size of the office, most companies are willing to invest and routinely order flowers in order to create the best possible environment for employees.

Delivery Time

The best delivery time is determined by the nature of your business, it plays a crucial factor if you want your flowers to look their best at the busiest time.
If your office is open on Monday to Friday, then flowers are encouraged to be delivered on Monday so that they can look their best on the first day of the week. Most offices schedule their meetings on Monday mornings which allow employees to set up their goals for rest of the week while clients tend to come in for meetings. On the other hand, If your business is hospitality such as restaurants/food and beverage, then your busiest time of the week is probably Friday afternoon and Saturday night. Therefore, we suggest you to have the flowers delivered fresh on Friday morning so they will look their best for your busiest time of operation.


Keep your flowers away from air conditioning and direct sunlight. Many flowers do not perform well under air conditioning vent. Instead, place them in a lit room, flowers such as tulips and hyacinth continue to grow if they receive a light source.

Maintenance – Fresh Corporate Flowers Need Fresh Water Every Next Day

Make sure your vase is clean. Best way to clean is warm water with washing detergent – as you would do with dishes – make sure it is thoroughly rinsed after being washed or else it may impact the longevity of the flower.
Change the vase water regularly to avoid bacteria growth. Most Florists tie the flowers and foliage together at the neck of the stems just underneath the design – known as the ‘binding point’. That will make it easier to remove and replace in the vase once the water is changed. Also, you are encouraged to cut the stems 2cm each time the water is changed in order to prolong the life of your flowers.

If you have any questions or are interested in ordering corporate flowers for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.