For centuries flowers have been considered an item that holds a lot of meaning. Congratulating new parents to sending your sincerest condolences, no matter the situation flowers are very flexible. Here are 5 reasons to buy flowers.


Why not?!

In a survey, 83% of people say they like to receive flowers unexpectedly. The truth is you can send flowers anytime, there doesn’t need to be any real reason. It makes the receiver feel special and appreciated and who wouldn’t want to feel that way? Guaranteed once you see their appreciation you will feel the same.


Be impressive

Whoever you are trying to impress, flowers can be that extra step to achieve that. It shows that you’re thinking and have the foresight to give some gorgeous blossoms. Send them flowers before the date or bring them to the date, you could even send them when they are working

(if it’s acceptable). It shows you are thinking about them and definitely makes you stand out.



Flowers are great gifts for any kind of occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. However, sometimes even the smallest occasions deserve a gift. Maybe surprise them with flowers when they just finished a hard final or when they just finished a long work week. Sometimes you just got to celebrate little things in life and by doing that they won’t seem so little.


To express yourself

 It’s hard to express yourself through objects or maybe you can’t find the words to convey how you are truly feeling, with flowers they can help connect those feelings. Either it is a celebration or for an apology, flowers can communicate how you feel. Not only that, studies have shown that flowers also boost people’s moods.


That was easy

  Flowers are an easy gift and require no thought other than do they look nice? Most gifts nowadays are difficult and require hours of decision making. No need to find a size or if they will be using it, sending flowers would be quick and simple.


Overall flowers are an easy gift to someone despite the circumstances. If you need help with any questions or inquiries Tooka would be happy to help. We are dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction for new and returning customers alike. No matter the occasion, you can expect stellar service and devoted floral solutions from us.

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