Funerals are depressing and most are understandably anxious to find a way to offer help after we hear the news of someone’s passing. Sending flowers is a way to deliver your care and love to the deceased and the mourning family and friends. Most funeral flowers significantly reflect the personality of the deceased. The choice of flowers also helps people identify the nature of relationship that existed between the bereaved and the deceased.

Do not confuse Funeral Flowers with Sympathy Flowers


They are not the same. Funeral flowers are meant to be displayed at the service. Sympathy flowers (arrangements or plants) are generally smaller in size are often sent by those who aren’t attending the funeral, along with those who know the family well, but aren’t on close personal terms with the departed.

Choosing the right flowers

Consult your local florist regarding any specifications at the particular funeral site. Some churches, funeral homes, and other sites may have strict regulations regarding location, size and types of flowers that are used in funeral services. Some religions may prohibit funeral flowers so be sure to follow their faith and tradition.

Pick your Flowers Wisely

Flowers provides a way to convey your feelings  and express your condolences to those closest to the departed. Different kind of flowers tend to have different connotations. The lily is the flower most commonly associated with funeral services as they symbolize the innocence that has been restored to the soul of the departed, white lily expresses majesty and purity. On the other hand, roses as one of the most recognizable flowers, they can be a beautiful part of an arrangement of funeral flowers. When you include a single rose in a bouquet, it expresses enduring love for the deceased.


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