At Tooka Florists, we have been with you through the celebrations and joy of life. When you are grieving a loss and departure of a loved one, we are here to walk you through the process of funeral flower arrangements and make your life easier. Understandably, funerals and memorials can be devastating to a family even if arrangements were done in advance. 

What Messages to Write to the Grieving Family?

Writing a message can be difficult as we do not want to write the wrong thing and upset the receiver. Funerals bring discomforts, the intent of your message is to show your care and support.

Do not say things like “I know how you feel” or “it is for the best”. Instead, offer constructive ways to show your support. You can offer help with arrangements of the funeral or if you are close with the family, bring food that they all enjoy. You can also share an experience or memories you have with the passed one, it will bring comfort to the family.

Examples of a thoughtful message would be:

  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you
  • With deepest sympathy
  • Our hearts go out to you in your time of sorrow

There is no better way to convey honor and sympathy than with flowers. Casket sprays and side pieces are essentials of a proper funeral flower arrangements. You can send casket sprays to the burial sites or the family of the deceased, depending on the arrangements and religious practices. Inside pieces are a complement of casket sprays. They as a pair reflect the personalities and hobbies of the passed one. 

Categories of Funeral Flower Arrangements

  • Wreaths – Circular floral arrangements, which represent eternal life.
  • Sprays – These are arrangements that allow viewing from one side only.
  • Casket sprays – For immediate family
  • Inside pieces – These are the items placed inside the casket, such as small floral sprays, we welcome you to add photos and personal items


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, Tooka Florist is always with you through thick and thin!