Why Do You Need Wedding Flowers?

Without a doubt, the Wedding Day is one of the most important days in a couple’s lives. Across cultures, flowers are seen as something magical because of their beauty, fragrance and medical properties. In western culture, wedding flowers are as significant as white wedding gowns. The elegance of their colors, shapes and scents are what make them the perfect accompaniment to weddings of different styles. Certain flowers are given various connotations and meanings, white roses and lilies stand for purity while red roses symbolize passion. Whether you consider yourself an expert of flowers or completely clueless, Tooka Florist is able to deliver fabulous floral designs which will make a great complement to your wedding.

What to do?

Brighten up your wedding with bold and beautiful bouquet arrangements from Tooka Florist.

Many people find it exhausting to pick something specific because there are so many wonderful combinations and choices. What is the best for your wedding, how to choose a wedding bouquet?  To help you decide, you can narrow your choices to what seems to be complimenting, according to your story and wedding inspiration. Start by providing a color scheme instead of a flower scheme as it will provide more freedom on the design.

How To Choose A Florist?

Most brides are unfamiliar with the art of floral arrangement before becoming engaged, and even the basics can quickly become overwhelming for a bride-to-be. How could you tell if you could trust a florist to design your wedding flowers? Do your homework, be prepared and ask a lot of questions during your first visit! Ask for their portfolio and past experiences in weddings. Even if you do not have an exact vision of what you want, taking cues from your wedding attire, wedding venue definitely helps. Keep in mind that not only are wedding-day flowers supposed to compliment your wedding dress, location, they should also be able to fit your personal preferences and memories. For instance, your fiance brought you purple flowers on the third date and it made your day, thus you wish to have purple flowers on your wedding day because of that.  Therefore, it is crucial to choose a florist that is willing to communicate, listen and accommodate your needs. In Tooka Florist, our specialists take pride in their exceptional customer services.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns and inquiries, we are ready to assist your needs!