Norooz Celebration: Honoring a Persian New Year Tradition

Norooz, also known as Persian New Year, is an ancient celebration that marks the beginning of spring and a new year on the Iranian calendar. It is a time of joy, renewal, and family gatherings, and it's celebrated by Iranians and many other cultures worldwide. At Tooka Florist, we honor this ancient tradition by offering a wide range of Norooz-themed flower arrangements and decorations that can help you celebrate this special occasion.

History of Norooz

Norooz has been celebrated for over 3,000 years and is deeply rooted in Persian culture and Zoroastrianism. It falls on the spring equinox, which usually occurs on March 20 or 21, and it lasts for 13 days. The festivities include cleaning the house, buying new clothes, preparing a special table setting called haft-sin, and visiting family and friends.

Haft-Sin Table Setting

The haft-sin is an essential part of the Norooz celebration and is a beautiful and symbolic table setting that includes seven items starting with the Persian letter "sin." These items represent seven aspects of life, including health, prosperity, happiness, and beauty. The haft-sin items include:

  • Sabzeh (sprouted wheat or lentil representing rebirth)
  • Samanu (sweet pudding representing wealth)
  • Senjed (sweet, dry fruit representing love)
  • Sir (garlic representing health)
  • Sib (apple representing beauty and fertility)
  • Somagh (sumac berries representing sunrise and the victory of light over darkness)
  • Serkeh (vinegar representing age and patience)

Norooz Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements play a significant role in Norooz celebrations, and they're an excellent way to express joy, happiness, and renewal. At Tooka Florist, we offer a range of Norooz-themed flower arrangements and decorations that can help you decorate your home or office and celebrate the Persian New Year in style.

Sabzeh Arrangements

Sabzeh, or sprouted wheat or lentil, is an essential part of the haft-sin table setting, and it represents rebirth and growth. Our expert florists can create beautiful Sabzeh arrangements that feature fresh green sprouts in a decorative vase or basket.

Haft-Sin Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements can also be incorporated into the haft-sin table setting, and they can represent different aspects of life. For example, red roses can symbolize love, white tulips can represent purity, and yellow daffodils can signify renewal. Our florists can create customized haft-sin flower arrangements that match your color scheme and preferences.

Norooz Bouquets

Norooz bouquets are an excellent way to express your love and appreciation for your family and friends during this special occasion. We offer a wide range of Norooz-themed bouquets that feature traditional Persian colors such as blue, green, and gold. You can also customize your bouquet by choosing your favorite flowers and colors.

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