Gentle Care for Sympathy Blooms

Sympathy flowers basking in September's gentle glow

Funerals & Sympathy are two occasions where emotions run high and the tangible reminders of shared moments become imperative. Flowers, during these times, are more than just blossoms; they become silent witnesses to the ebb and flow of raw feelings, capturing the profound sense of love and loss. At Tooka Florist, we deeply understand the weight of these moments and hence, curate our sympathy and funeral collection with utmost care. Ensuring these floral arrangements last and continue to provide solace is equally essential. In this blog post, we provide gentle reminders on how to care for these sympathy arrangements, especially as we transition into the cooler September month.

The Delicate Balancing Act: Water and Sympathy Blooms

Water is the elixir that keeps your sympathy arrangements vibrant and fresh. Unlike the bright and cheerful blossoms in our birthday collection, sympathy flowers tend to have a softer, muted palette. Make sure the vase or container is filled with fresh water. Change the water every two days to keep bacteria at bay, especially in September when fluctuating temperatures can accelerate bacterial growth.

Positioning Matters: Best Spots for Your Arrangement

As you navigate the aisles of our store in North Vancouver, whether you’re browsing through our vase arrangement collection or our basket arrangements, the importance of positioning your flowers once home can't be stressed enough. Keep your sympathy flowers away from direct sunlight or vents. The gentle September sunlight might seem harmless, but it can shorten the life of your blossoms. Find a cool, draft-free spot for them.

Floral Food: The Unsung Hero

Just as we draw comfort from delicious gift boxes during trying times, flowers too derive sustenance from floral food. This magic potion can significantly extend the life of your arrangements. If your bouquet came with a sachet of floral food, follow the instructions. If not, a quick solution is a mixture of water, sugar, and a few drops of bleach. This concoction provides nutrients while also fighting off bacteria.

September Tips: Embrace the Season

September marks the onset of fall. Embrace this season by complementing your sympathy flowers with selections from our fall collection. The warm hues can bring a touch of comfort and remembrance during somber times. Also, consider adding longevity to your space with our plant collection. Plants like succulents require minimal care and can serve as long-lasting memorials.

Other Floral Endeavors: Branching Out

While funerals & sympathy are our focal points today, remember that flowers have the power to heal, celebrate, and memorialize a spectrum of emotions and events. From marking milestones with our graduation collection to adding charm to your big day with our wedding flower arrangements, the potential of flowers to resonate with human emotions is limitless.

In closing, while flowers are ephemeral, the feelings they capture and convey are eternal. Care for them, and in turn, they'll continue to shed their quiet comfort during times of grief. At Tooka Florist, our commitment extends beyond just selling flowers; it's about ensuring that every petal, every leaf, every arrangement plays its part in your story. Whether it's through the radiant beauty of roses or the timeless elegance of orchids, we are here to walk alongside you in your journey of love, loss, and remembrance.

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