Honoring Heroes: Floral Tips for Remembrance Day in Canada 2023

Remembrance Day in Canada 2023 Floral Arrangement with Red Poppies and White Lilies

Remembrance Day in Canada 2023 falls on a Saturday, November 11th. This solemn occasion is marked to honor the valiant men and women who have served—and continue to serve—Canada during times of war, conflict, and peace. As we observe a moment of silence, lay wreaths, and listen to the poignant notes of "Last Post," it's a day for collective reflection and gratitude.

So, how can you commemorate this day thoughtfully? Apart from attending ceremonies and wearing poppies, flowers can be a beautiful, meaningful way to pay tribute. Here at Tooka Florist, we offer an array of elegant floral designs to mark occasions like Remembrance Day.

Choosing the Right Flowers for Remembrance Day

While red poppies are the symbol of Remembrance Day, there are other flowers you can incorporate to create a more elaborate tribute. Here's a rundown:

Symbolic Flowers for Remembrance

  • Red Poppies: Signify remembrance and consolation
  • White Lilies: Denote purity and commitment to a cause
  • Roses: Suggest love and profound respect; white for purity, red for love and devotion
  • Lavender: Represents devotion and love for those who served

Relevant Tooka Collections

How to Arrange Flowers for Remembrance Day

  1. Start with a Base: Choose a classic, understated vase from our Vase Arrangement Collection as a base.

  2. Incorporate Red Poppies: They should be the focal point of your arrangement.

  3. Add Complementary Flowers: Such as white lilies or roses from our Sympathy & Funeral Collection.

  4. Include Green Foliage: To provide contrast and context for the blooms.

  5. Accent with Lavender: For a touch of color and scent that signifies remembrance.

Floral Tips to Remember

  • Consider the Venue: If you're attending a public ceremony, make sure your floral arrangement is manageable in size.

  • Opt for Long-lasting Blooms: So the arrangement stays fresh throughout the day.

  • Check for Allergies: Particularly if you're contributing flowers to a public ceremony.


As we observe Remembrance Day in Canada 2023, it's essential that we pause to remember the sacrifices made for our freedom and the freedoms of others around the world. Flowers, with their delicate beauty and rich symbolism, provide a fitting way to honor those who have served. Make your selection from our finely curated Sympathy & Funeral Collection or consult with our floral designers to craft something uniquely meaningful.

For more floral inspirations for various occasions, don't forget to explore our Fall Collection, Birthday Collection, and more. Your tribute will not only be beautiful but deeply heartfelt.


When is Remembrance Day in Canada in 2023?
Remembrance Day in Canada 2023 falls on a Saturday, November 11th.

What flowers are traditionally associated with Remembrance Day in Canada?
Red poppies are the most traditionally associated flower, symbolizing remembrance and consolation.

How can I incorporate other flowers for Remembrance Day?
White lilies, roses, and lavender can also be used to add depth and extra symbolism to your floral tribute.

Where can I find suitable floral arrangements for Remembrance Day?
You can consult specialized floral collections tailored for events like Remembrance Day or consult with expert floral designers.

Are there any tips for arranging flowers myself for Remembrance Day?
Yes, you can start with a base like a classic vase, incorporate red poppies as a focal point, add complementary flowers like white lilies or roses, and accent with green foliage and lavender for fragrance.

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