Trending Now: Popular Halloween Floral Styles of 2023

Trending Now: Popular Halloween Floral Styles of 2023

The spooky season is upon us, and Halloween isn't just about costumes and candy anymore. Floral decor is making a big splash this year, lending its elegance and creativity to Halloween celebrations. At Tooka Florist, located in the heart of North Vancouver, we are keen to bring you the most fashionable Halloween floral styles of 2023.

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Dark and Dramatic Bouquets

If you are a fan of the mysterious, then dark and dramatic bouquets should be on your radar. Think deep purples, intense reds, and charcoal blacks, all creatively combined to invoke a sense of mystique. To fully explore this trending style, check out our curated Bouquet Collection.

Floral Pumpkins

A twist on the classic carved pumpkin, floral pumpkins use natural elements like blooms, leaves, and twigs to create a more sophisticated Halloween look. You can find an array of pumpkin-themed floral designs in our Fall Collection.

Boho-Chic Arrangements

Boho-chic is not just for weddings or birthdays; it's finding its way into Halloween as well. The relaxed yet elegant arrangements feature rustic elements like dried grasses, pampas, and muted-toned flowers. Have a look at our Vase Arrangement Collection for some chic inspiration.

Spooky Vase Arrangements

These are not your everyday vase arrangements. Think ghostly whites, haunting greys, and bewitching blacks artfully arranged in unique vases. These arrangements perfectly blend with your Halloween decor. Explore more in our Vase Arrangement Collection.

Mini Basket Arrangements

For those looking for understated yet impactful decor, mini basket arrangements are the perfect choice. Small but potent, these baskets make excellent gifts or decorations for the home. You can find something similar in our Basket Arrangement Collection.


Halloween is a time for creativity and imagination, and your floral choices should be no different. From dark and dramatic bouquets to quaint mini baskets, the possibilities are endless. Visit Tooka Florist in North Vancouver for all your Halloween floral needs. Stay chic, stay spooky!

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