Decoding the Silent Poetry: The Language of Flowers

Colorful assortment of flowers expressing the language of flowers

The world of flowers is a realm of subtle whispers, where emotions are shared without words. Welcome to the language of flowers, a beautiful way to express feelings that words sometimes fail to capture.

The History of Floral Language

The tradition of communicating through flowers dates back to ancient times, yet it was the Victorians who really developed a complex system known as Floriography. This cryptological floral language emerged as a way to navigate the strict societal rules of the time, offering a means to express emotion covertly.

Understanding the Language of Flowers

The language of flowers isn't a universal one, rather it varies based on culture, historical context, and type of flower. For instance, the rose - a timeless symbol of love - can convey different messages depending on its colour. A red rose signifies passionate love, while a yellow one conveys friendship.

Orchids, renowned for their exotic beauty, are often used to express love, beauty, and strength. Browse through our orchid collection and you'll be mesmerized by the elegance of these stunning flowers.

Conveying Emotions with Flower Arrangements

When it comes to expressing your sentiments, the composition of your flower arrangement plays a vital role. Our carefully curated bouquet collection and vase arrangement collection are designed to speak your heart out. Whether it's a celebration, a solemn event, or just because, these collections have got you covered.

Choosing the Perfect Flower for Every Occasion

Flowers have always been associated with different occasions. Celebrating a birthday or a graduation? Commemorating someone with sympathy flowers? Embrace the seasonal vibes with our fall collection? You're sure to find the perfect flowers to convey your sentiments.

For plant lovers, our plant collection offers a different way to brighten up someone's day, while our gift box collection provides a range of unique floral gifts that go beyond the traditional bouquet.

At Tooka Florist, we specialize in speaking the language of flowers. We're a women-owned and family-friendly florist store in North Vancouver, delivering to West Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver, and the surrounding area. Plus, we've got a special 10% promo for Father's Day. Use the code Fathers2023 until June 17th.

Remember, flowers are more than just beautiful decorations - they're a silent language that helps us express our deepest feelings.


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