When is Garden Day in Canada?

A tranquil garden shed in the corner of a lush Vancouver backyard

When is Garden Day in Canada?

Garden Day in Canada is a remarkable occasion observed on the Saturday before Father's Day, usually falling in the second week of June. This day is dedicated to celebrating the love for gardening, nature, and the bountiful beauty it unfolds. However, the question that often leaves gardening enthusiasts and flower lovers curious is, "When is the Garden Day Canada?"

As you ponder over this, allow us to introduce you to the perfect ways to celebrate Garden Day with Tooka Florist, a women-owned, family-friendly florist store in North Vancouver.

Let's Celebrate with Bountiful Bouquets

The joy of receiving a fresh bouquet can be a mesmerizing way to commemorate Garden Day. The vibrant colours and the captivating aroma of fresh flowers from Tooka's collection, delivered at your doorstep, is a wonderful treat for any garden lover.

Beautiful Vase Arrangements for Garden Day

Next on the list is exploring the exquisite vase arrangement collection. A beautifully arranged vase can add an element of elegance and sophistication to your celebration. Choose from an array of designs that complement the spirit of Garden Day.

Adding a Touch of Uniqueness with Basket Arrangements

Tooka's basket arrangement collection is designed to bring a unique blend of beauty and creativity. You can choose a basket filled with your favourite flowers to celebrate Garden Day in a special way.

The Timeless Beauty of Roses

The rose collection at Tooka Florist provides an opportunity to express your love for gardening and nature. Roses, with their timeless beauty, serve as a perfect symbol for Garden Day.

Express Your Love for Nature with Orchids

Orchids represent love, beauty, and strength. Tooka's orchid collection is a perfect way to celebrate the day by bringing home these exotic beauties.

The Joy of Indoor Gardening with Plants

Celebrate Garden Day Canada by embracing the joy of indoor gardening. Bring home a beautiful plant from our collection and experience the therapeutic effect of nurturing it.

Special Gifts for Garden Day

Don't miss out on the special gift box collection at Tooka Florist. Surprise your loved ones with a unique gift box filled with exquisite items to celebrate Garden Day.

Embrace the Autumn Vibes

Although Garden Day falls in summer, you can still celebrate it with the beautiful colours of autumn. Explore Tooka's Fall collection to bring a touch of autumn to your celebration.

As you prepare to celebrate Garden Day, remember that the beauty of nature lies in its diversity. So, embrace the variety, enjoy the day, and keep nurturing the love for gardening. Happy Garden Day, Canada!

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